Vive Cane

I’m still alive just … busy, not bloggy … maybe someday I’ll be more bloggy. Here’s something that kept me busy …

Teleporting everywhere feels wrong, so my suggestion is to use the Vive wand like a cane. Two minutes feels a bit long, but here’s a video showing it off.

More or less; when you grip the/a wand - your avatar is planting a cane in the world from which you can push yourself. When the grip is held - I constantly offset the “foot” of the avatar and I can ensure that the wand’s (in game) position (in VR) doesn’t change. With two wands, you can crawl around in VR (which CryTek already worked out) which opens some interesting possibilities.

At this point … I don’t really have much to say about this, it is what it is - an amusing way to avoid joystick-motion sickness. If someone is reading this in the future - reach me on Twitter if you have a question or want a follow up.

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