Single Header Bullet


I reduced Bullet 2.83 to a single C++ header file.


Largely to see if I could … hey - SQLite saw a 5% - 10% speed boost when they did this right?

… oh - and to ease adoption I guess … maybe …


I used a slightly complicated Scala script that I’m not interested in examining again … for now …

Basically; I took the 2.83 stripped variant of Bullet and used a Scala program to digest it. I walked all of the files following the preprocessor #include commands while sprinkling #line directives into place to keep the line numbers correct. I had to force a few bits to happen in a specific order, and there were some trivial functions (two I think) that were declared twice, but I think that it worked. I certainly passed a “hello world” Bullet test … so it worked for my woefully inadequate testing.


Anyone who adheres to Sean Barret’s philosophies may be amused by this.


I’d like to have a smaller version of Bullet to work with. Smaller footprint, no serialisation, drop the aligned allocators, remove as much virtual as possible.

… but definitely, keep the option to use double … cause … y’know ; VR!

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