Space Ships

Awhile ago I undertook a goofy little “game-play study” with space ships. It has space ships I’m calling it Space-Ships. I wanted to see if 2D game-play (like S.P.A.Z.) could “feel” like traditional 3D. (like Freelancer) To study this I built a game-play prototype with a 2.5D chase-cam in (Unity) a 3D game engine. I used engine’s existing rigid body simulator (PhysX) to provide a limited version of physics. After constraining everything to a 2D plane and fiddling with the inertia values in various ways I was happy with the flight mechanics.

Automated Unity WebGL Deployment

I have an old Unity project that I haven’t looked at in awhile - this one. If memory serves; assembling a WebGL version is slow and boring - so I’m making my eager little Jenkins server do it. Really I’m a bit bored with sbt-launch malarkey and I wanted to see if I could get this rolling. Broadly the steps that I followed went like this; Install Unity (5.