Peter's Awesome Lua with the Core functionality we care about

TL:DR ; results DukTape is a C engine for executing ECMAScript 5.1ish. (… or JavaScript or whatever we’re calling it this week) Notably, it’s distributed as a trio of source files to ease integration. Lua is a C script engine (for the Lua languages) and is not distributed in such a nice way. So I spent a few hours preparing a (Python) script to repack Lua 5.3.3 into a single header.

First Post

Can I use polymorphic-static-templates to automagically wire meta-functions into a Lua allocator? Presently I’m using several “make—” functions to “decorate” objects after allocation and enable get/set/run meta-functions. I keep feeling the “smell” that some esoteric template thingies could be used to make these steps declarative (or maybe automatic!)