Pushing (from GoGS) with `post-receive` (to a mirror)

I have a GoGS server for my work. I want to back it up off-site to our GitLab instance. According to a document I read this should be possible using post-receive hooks. Follow me on this magical adventure to git-enlightenment. I’m doing all of this by editing my post-receive hook and then force-pushing a nonsense commit to kick git. Pre-Work Digging around in the GoGS repository settings turned up a panel to edit the hooks.

Marshalling Gits

This is a quick post-mortem on the three methods I examined for nesting some of our Git repos. In the end, I ran out of time and felt that the diversity of a CS team means that special handling would not produce a time saving benefit for me. submodule Git’s (somewhat) anointed solution is “submodules” and comes built in. Google’s CORGI project (et al) use it. trial I created two shared repositories and a third master repository.

Git Copy PY Script

I found a set of git tasks was taking non-trivial time to checkout and push between repositories. I couldn’t find docs for a (working) git command sequence1 that pushed branches from one remote to another; so I wrote a python script to checkout a branch to local then push it. Once I was sure that it was running; I could reallocate my attention to something more deserving of my talents.
GoGS on a Pi3 (via Docker)

GoGS on a Pi3 (via Docker)

I’ve been assembling a “full stack”1 for development that runs on my Pi3. This is all happening inside of Docker containers which made cleanup redonkulously easy. Today I was looking at a source code management system; something of a “my own GitHub” which I can run on my own network. We have GitLab at work; so I wanted something different … also; the authors don’t suggest using a Pi3 for “real.

GitHub Pages Publish

GitHub pages allow a GitHub repository to function as a web-server thing. … whatevs … create a repository on GitHub I created game-SpaceShips at git@github.com:g-pechorin/game-SpaceShips.git run these from the root; rm -dfr .git git init git checkout -b gh-pages git add . git commit -m "some stuffff or what" git remote add origin git@github.com:g-pechorin/game-SpaceShips.git git push -f origin gh-pages enjoy!

Mirroring Git/GitHub to Hg/BitBucket

This seemed a lot longer when I planned it in my notebook at lunch. GitHub user project (both sides) BitBucket user SCM Schedule ocornut imgui g-pechorin None Periodic Install hg-git You’ll have to do this on the Jenkins server You’ll have to do it either for the Jenkins user or all I’m using an OsX machine as my host, so I was able to use easy_install to install hg-git and dulwich setup a project on GitHub create a Jenkins Freestyle project which runs periodically Polling the SCM was NOT an option since there’s no default branch on GitHub … this is a quirk of hg-git … I think … IIRC/YRMV - so sling me a tweet or whatever if I’m wrong program the job to pull from git, push to hg, and ignore results of 1