Pi3 NameCheap

This is a followup to a previous post because that one stopped working, now - this works. There’s not a lot of OC here, just clarity. NameCheap DynDNS on a Pi3 I use NameCheap (because they’re anti-SOPA) for DNS. The client program, ddclient, can connect to NameCheap. I’m using raspbian, so, first; run sudo apt-get install ddclient on your Pi find the dynamic DNS settings on NameCheap’s website Dashboard >>> Domain List >>> Manage >>> Advanced DNS they do like to change these things around halfway down the page, there should be a DYNAMIC DNS thingie enable it (if you haven’t already) note the blurb-what-looks-like-a-SHA edit your /etc/ddclient.

Pi3 DynDNS

This has been replaced Pi3 DynDNS I want to give my home’s Raspberry Pi3 a DNS name so that I can access it more easily. DNS and Dynamic IP Addresses The Domain Naming System is how those readable textual names like example.com become the actual IP Addresses like that web pages, email, and everything else needs to work. Various groups allow people to register a domain (or subdomain) and specify the IP address of a computer that the domain should reffer to.