Adding NotePad++ Macros to

I haven’t posted anything in awhile … so here’s how to get to get macros that work kind-of-like NotePad++

  1. Install atom-keyboard-macros into Atom. > The default keybindings did nothing for me … sorry

  2. open your keybindings.cson

    • Hit CTRL+, > click on Keybindings > click on the blue text that says your keymap file
  3. paste this wodge into the bottom of your keybindings.cson PRESERVE THE INDENTATION!

    # almost NotePad++ macros for!
    # based on
        'ctrl-shift-r': 'atom-keyboard-macros:start_kbd_macro'
        'ctrl-alt-r': 'atom-keyboard-macros:end_kbd_macro'
        'ctrl-shift-p': 'atom-keyboard-macros:call_last_kbd_macro'
  4. there is no step 4

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